7 Possibilities to Create Your 1st Wedding Anniversary Extraordinary

Is the first wedding anniversary coming, and you’re stumped as to what to do with it? Wedding anniversaries are a fantastic way to shake up the monotony and rekindle the fires of your passion.  

We understand that completing your first year of partnership is a significant achievement deserving of a beautiful celebration. You’ll want to remember your first wedding anniversary in a particular manner after a year full of love, joy, dedication, and married couple problems. 

You’ll adore these 7 beautiful ways to celebrate your maiden wedding anniversary, whether you’re a total dork or not.

1. In a Box, Conceal Love Letters

Handwritten love notes and love artefacts have lost their allure in modern times. Make a list of your ideas, recollections, and those special experiences you’ve never told anybody about, and tell them how often you appreciate their presence. Make your anniversary more enjoyable by hiding them in a box and planting them in the garden. Take a seat and watch them hunt for love.

2. Monthly Gift Coupons

Give your spouse a booklet of 12 monthly vouchers. She gets the opportunity to utilize that voucher every month on the precise day of the anniversary. It’s their fault if they don’t recall! These coupons must be interesting in an attempt for them to continue to utilize them whether it is a special anniversary cake, a spa visit, a shopping coupon or anything else. Allow your creativity to go wild and be creative.

3. Replicate Your First Date

There is nothing more charming than returning to the beginning of your story? Going right back to the place of your first date, whether it was for chilly coffees at a coffee house, an extravagant supper at your local diner, dancing at a city centre music club’s spirit evening, or a spontaneous run-in at a local farmers market is destined to evoke some serious nostalgic memories and an overflow of good memories. It may even rekindle the flame and rekindle some of your enthusiasm for the partnership.

You may still replicate the thrill if you’ve drifted away, the company has closed, or it’s simply difficult to visit the same site on your first date. If you were bowling, for instance, just locate another joint to wreak havoc on the alleys. Find a new beautiful location to have a romantic walk if you head for a stroll in the park.

4. Indulge in The Wedding Cake in Most Romantic Way Possible

On your very first anniversary, it’s customary to consume the top tier of your wedding cake. Find the most sentimental local location you can imagine to have your cake and take that tradition to the next degree by gifting a happy anniversary bouquet. Make it more special by choosing a location that symbolizes plenty to you, whether it’s a moonlight lake or the stadium where you kissed.

5. Learn Some New Cooking Techniques

A one-year wedding is an ideal opportunity to learn some new talents as a couple. Why not enrol in a culinary class? Whether it’s a seafood-focused workshop, a risotto class, or a lesson on vegan foods, choose one that will guide you through creating cuisine that matches your preferences.

If you want to figure out how to make traditional cocktails, you might enrol in a mixology class alternatively which will impress the friends at the next party. A culinary or mixology lesson is a present that keeps on offering: then you’ll be able to sample your concoctions on the night of the session, but you’ll also gain new skills that you may use on subsequent date nights.

6. A Delightful Delivery

This is a scenario in which you and your partner are not around. Don’t waste the day by greeting them with a happy anniversary through video call. Delivering cakes online overflowing with their favourite tastes and hand-delivered on their office would surprise them and show them how much you need them. It is a very convenient thing to do in today’s world where there are online services that even send cakes to India from the USA.

7. Make a Vacation Schedule

Book airfare to your favourite beach location and make sure you switch off your phones and any other devices that might link you to business communications. 

Even if you are unable to travel at this time, having anything to look forward to seeing will ensure that the festivities continue throughout the year.


We all understand that the first year of any marriage is crucial since it is during this period that couples form good or harmful behaviours that may endure the rest of their lives together. The very first-anniversary celebration is dependent on the type of moment you are seeking. 

Some couples choose to enjoy themselves with their friends and family, while others love to spend time alone. You may combine the two, but ensure to treasure these memories forever.

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