Bamboo sheets queen is a soft and smooth material made of bamboo fibres. Bamboos sheets queen provides ease, comfort and a mild touch to its users. 

Its characteristics

1. Bamboo sheets queen is durable

Bamboo sheets can last long up to 6 years if properly handled. The sheets do not tear or peel easily like other materials.

 2. Bamboo sheets regulates temperature

Bamboo sheets can help to regulate temperature to make you warm during winters and keep you cool during the summer. 

3. Bamboo sheets is very soft

The softness of bamboo sheets is incomparable which provides a comfortable night sleep to its users. 

4. Bamboo sheets resists stains

Bamboos sheets can prevent stain or discoloration from itself because it does not trap moisture. 

Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket is a blanket that provides comfort, warmth and relaxation to its users. A weighted blanket also helps to reduce stress and anxiety thereby promoting good sleep. 

Its properties

A weighted blanket provides many benefits to its users and they are considered below. 

1. A weighted blanket provides comfortability

A weighted blanket provides comfort to its users by causing them to sleep off more quickly and easily. 

2. A weighted blanket relieves stress and anxiety 

A weighted blanket helps to soothe anxiety and ease stress thereby promoting a good night sleep to its users. 

3. A weighted blanket improves sleep quality

A weighted blanket uses deep pressure stimulation which helps to increase the levels of hormones that aids sleep. The increase in the hormones can help to improve sleep quality. 

4. A weighted blanket helps to calm the nervous system 

Calmness is needed in order to fall asleep easily and effortlessly. A weighted blanket helps to distribute an even amount of pressure and weight across the body which in turn reduces the overactivity of the nervous system. 

Lastly, a weighted blanket improves daytime interaction because its users had a restful sleep the night before.

How to clean it 

Cleaning the weighted blanket can be done in two ways. 

First, you can use a washing machine, water and a mild detergent to wash your weighted blanket. 

Second, you can simply hand wash your weighted blanket in a bathtub using water and mild detergent. When hand washing, make sure you wash gently.

Lastly, in order to maintain the properties of your weighted blanket, note that you must not use hot water, bleach or fabric softener while cleaning it. 

How to dry it

A weighted blanket can be dried either by using a drying machine at a very low temperature or by air drying in an open space. However, when air drying in an open space, don’t expose the weighted blanket to direct sunlight. 


Bamboo sheets queen is soft, smooth and provides ease and comfort to its users. Bamboo sheets queen also enhances a good night sleep. 

A weighted blanket provides a deep pressure stimulation which helps to reduce anxiety and stress thereby  inducing  calmness for a good night sleep.