How a Time Card App Can Help Your Team Stay Organized

When you have multiple teams of employees working on various projects for numerous clients, it can be a nightmare to keep everything organized, keep everyone on task and make sure everything gets done correctly. There are, unfortunately, no simple means to handle the process of managing multiple projects manually. That’s where a modern time card app comes in. 

Not only can a time keeper app help your team stay organized, but it can streamline many processes so that everything stays on track and gets done in a timely fashion. This is especially crucial when you have a diverse portfolio of projects being worked on simultaneously, where everyone needs to know what steps to take at each point in the project. 

Here are a few ways that a time card app can help you and your team stay focus and organized and ensure that deadlines are met.

Manage Teams and Projects Effortlessly 

A time card app doesn’t just allow you to track attendance and hours worked; you can actually track productivity and task progress. Tracking task progression is essential for ensuring that teams are making sufficient progress on the assigned projects and not just putting in hours without getting anything done. 

There is a ton of important information that can be tracked, including labor costs, material estimates, things like contracting jobs, and even unforeseen expenses or additional tasks that weren’t part of the original assessment. In terms of managing project productivity, having more information available helps the team. It will inevitably provide transparency for the client and make for a smoother completion process. 

A real-time employee tracking system allows you to track all information automatically, making it an excellent way to keep track of everything and resolve problems before becoming serious. The ability to set reminders and notifications help keep things on track, even if changes occur. Moving fluidly as a project progresses will help with project management, getting the work completed, and ultimately getting paid. 

Allow for Smoother Communication 

One of the snags that most teams usually hit is communicating the different parts of the project between different roles. Omitted details or missing information can bring a project to a standstill and cause delays and overages. 

A time and attendance app allows for seamless communication between team members and management so that as things progress, everyone gets kept up to speed. Setting project goals, markers, reminders, and notes can help keep the team organized even with multiple moving components. 

Additionally, the ability for management to see details in real-time helps ensure that any issues that arise can be dealt with swiftly to keep tasks on track. In the event of a dispute with a client, there are records available to prove everything that was worked on and completed. Being able to provide insight into project details helps the business and the client simultaneously. 

More Accurate Billing 

As with team management and communication, a time card app allows you to keep track of all the pertinent information needed to ensure that clients are billed accurately and swiftly. Managing labor and expenses on multiple projects can be difficult without the help of automated systems like a timesheet management app. 

Particularly if you’re managing multiple projects, you need a way to seamlessly aggregate labor and material expenses so that they are invoiced to the client in a timely fashion. If using traditional payroll for employees, then the automated team time tracking and labor costing make it incredibly easy to send data to payroll and get employees paid sooner. 

Accurate billing helps keep clients, employees, and the business’s bottom line happy and prevents a conflict in the workplace. 

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