How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

The dynamic world of technology has been affecting human life ever since it existed. It has shaped many industries in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and improved operations and services. Especially with the huge popularity of smart home products like Google Home Smart Assistant Speaker, technology has made the lives of homeowners considerably easier. 

Technology and Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the growing industries in the corporate ecosystem. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, we realized that a strong healthcare system is essential everywhere in the world. With the advent of technology, many people have access to health care. It also helped raise awareness about the industry. 

Technology has had a positive impact on the healthcare industry in recent years, especially during pandemics. Teleclinics have proven to be very useful. They allowed doctors to track patients while practicing social distance, and from the comfort of their home. Patients, on the other hand, are called to the hospital or clinic only in an emergency. The value of your books isn’t lost, but if you have a busy schedule or time constraints, you can get information on the go with the tap of your smartphone. 

Similarly, medical students can use a variety of resources such as videos, research papers, and online quizzes to learn many practical skills, better learning methods, and career guidance on the Internet. Prior to the advent of technology, patient records were physically stored in files, requiring manual data entry. This wasted a lot of time that would otherwise have been productive to the patient’s health. 

As technology advances, many hospitals are transferring data to digital platforms. This allows hospital managers to track and update information. The app was developed for healthcare professionals with accurate information on drugs available on the market, drug-related side effects, and interactions with other drugs and foods. 

This gives the doctor an easy overview of prescribing the drug to the patient. Especially during the pandemic, we suffered great losses due to a lack of communication with each other. Technology has made it possible to communicate easily and effectively despite geographical barriers. There are multiple video calling platforms, messaging apps, and social media platforms to discuss issues with healthcare professionals. 

Technology has had a huge impact on the healthcare industry. It has eased the lives of patients and professionals. This allowed us to connect and be vigilant, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technology and Education

Technology has also played a major role in education. Technological advances have long helped us determine if it’s good for us, but it depends on how we use it wisely. As a result, technology has changed the field of education. Recent technological advances have shown that schooling is possible from different parts of the world. Online degrees, courses and webinars not only shaped our education system and provided access to book knowledge, but also exchanged perspectives from different parts of the world. 

Many parents believe that smartphones are a distraction, but when used wisely, they can actually be a very useful resource for students. Knowledge is as accessible as typing text on Google. With the introduction of presentation software, the blackboard is a thing of the past. Not only did it replace the blackboard, but it also gave the opportunity to improve features that facilitate learning. The software enables high-resolution images, graphical demonstrations of numerical data, and statistical and text highlighting. In addition to being available during classroom lectures, these presentations can be shared by students while studying at home. 

With the introduction of technology, learning has become more innovative. School is more fun, especially for younger children. With colorful images, engaging animations, other new strategies to build confidence, and critical thinking, schools are no longer a chore, but a way to broaden your horizons. Technology has been a great asset in education, but it also has its own drawbacks. The ability to analyze problems critically diminishes, and in some cases the mind becomes “lazy”, develops unhealthy habits, and is too comfortable, many that previously required hard work and discipline. 

Therefore, it is very important to understand the use of technology in this area. Unsupervised use can affect physical and mental health, especially among young people.

Technology and Shopping

2021 was a year of great growth for e-commerce. Not only has revenue increased, but the urgent need to make certain things available online to customers during a pandemic has led to rapid growth in the development of solutions that require heavy use of technology and innovation. 

Cellphones are having a huge impact on the e-commerce industry. With so much advancement in technology, you don’t have time to open your computer and go online to buy anything. Even if you have the best online store, people choose convenience and can shop online when laptops and computers are inaccessible. E-wallet is a great technology extension that improves the realm of e-commerce. E-wallet is a fast mode for monetary transactions. Money can be sent and received via electronic devices. 

As technology advances, it has become easier to customize the product. This is a big attraction for customers. E-commerce makes it easy to customize your product to your needs. There were times when it was ridiculous to buy online, such as buying furniture. But that era is over. Virtual reality allows customers to see what a particular piece of furniture will look like in their room.

Final Thoughts

Technology has immensely impacted our lives, especially after the pandemic struck globally. We have also become dependent on most of the technologies so much that we cannot imagine doing most of the chores in our lives without certain technological gadgets. However, excessive reliance on technology can be unhealthy for our mental and physical health. so, it is better to monitor our usage.

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