Step-by-Step Guide On How To Write Case Study Assignment

Knowing how to write case study assignments is one of the skills that you need in your college. You may feel stressed when you write a case study assignment because it requires some basic analytic abilities. 

Writing a case study is not an easy task because in this you have to find a solution to a problem. Moreover, you need to know how to create the work efficiently. Here I will mention how to write case study assignments. This blog might help you improve your writing skills and receive good grades. But before that, we will discuss the overview of the Case Study.

What do you mean by Case Study?

A case study is a paper that represents analyzing the abilities and skills of the students. These analyzing skills are used to connect the cause and the outcomes. In several cases, the case study includes the number of issues and problems dealt with in a professional workplace.

Types Of Case Study Assignment

Case Studies are of different forms. Before writing a task on the case study, you need to know which case study you are dealing with. There are four types of case studies that are mentioning below:

  • Illustrative Case Study: It deals with the description of the event. 
  • Exploratory Case Study: These studies are generally investigative.
  • Cumulative Case Study: It has collective information examples.
  • Critical Case Studies: It examines the particular subject with cause and effect results.

A case study is a nightmare for many students. Most of them do not have the idea of how to write case study assignments. A case study is counted among the most challenging assignments. For this reason, I’ve written this blog that contains a list of recommendations and tips to write a case study assignment. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write Case Study Assignment

There are several steps to write a Case Study Assignment that are as follows:

Study The Case Study And a Question Carefully

  •  Read and examine the case study and question thoroughly.
  • Highlight the chief details of the case and issues.
  • Understand the question carefully and identify what the demand of the question is.

Recognize the Problems in the Case Study

Basically, a Case study is a situation that arises in a particular profession or social context. They usually represent a problematic condition, how you can deal with it, or in its difficulty. The vital part of your answer is examining the situation and identifying the issues mentioned in the problematic case. The following questions will help you to do this:

  • What actions are used in the case?
  • Are these actions are relevant and why?
  • Was anything ignored or not recognized?
  • Were there any results of the actions taken?

Link Theory to Practice

Use your knowledge of current codes of practice, theories, and other professional documents and behaviors to choose what was done properly and what was not. For instance, If an individual was questioned in your case study, were normal interviewing methods used? Search interviews related to your professional setting and link what was done well and what was not. This can be explained in your answer, with references to your readings. 

Plan your Answer

It is very good that you give your assignment well. Your headings should be clear, and you have explained all the points in the answer. Be sure that you have answered all the queries that are asked in the question. Teachers normally place questions in a logical series. So, please answer in the order in the sequence of the questions. 

Start Writing Your Case Study 

Like any other assignment, you have to write an introduction, body section to answer the case study and conclusion.

  • Introduction: Your introduction should be clear to readers about what you will write in your assignment. In the introduction, you have to explain the topic of your assignment. In the last, present a thesis statement that tells the readers what you will express in the body paragraphs.
  • Body Paragraphs: From here, you start to write about the case study. You must decide the number of paragraphs that you will tell in every paragraph. For example, you have four paragraphs, and only one paragraph tells about one question, and another paragraph tells about another. There should be one question explained in one paragraph. Headings can make your answer more clear. 
  • Conclusion: Your conclusion must include all the bullet points of your body paragraphs. Never add any point in the conclusion that is not discussed in the main body of your assignment. This is the last part of your assignment. The tutor will read it before grading you. 

Edit And Proofread

Like with all assignments, after writing your case study assignment, please read it carefully. Check out the grammar, spelling, and other errors. If there you will find it. Verify you have explained all the questions correctly. Also, check you have followed the tutor’s instructions. 


This is your last step. You should know what policies and procedures should be followed. Check your papers; are they ready to submit? If so, then your paper is ready to submit.


Many students face problems with how to write an assignment on a case study. So, I have mentioned the step-to-step guidance on how to write a case study assignment. I hope this guide will help you a lot. 

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